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Summer in the studio.

Pinups Past & Present

Pinups have been a major part of pop culture for decades. Modest beginnings as a simple image ripped from a magazine to large painting on US planes in WWI & WWII, pinups have been a growing cultural reference. The style is unmistakable, but the art form has become much less informal and moved into the mainstream. The focus is still about an amazing woman doing fantastic things. Sometimes it's a romantic scene of two lovers sharing an intimate moment, and then other times it's a sexy woman running around with arms full of shoes. The style even works for a lonely lumberjack waiting for her significant other.

Pinup artists freeze moments in time. They capture unmistakable women in the most interesting positions. These women live the lives that many people dream of, even the simplest daily activities are idealized to draw us into these characters. Our most beloved icons like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page have not only posed for these photos, but they are largely responsible for the growth of the style. Let's face it there is something about women that fascinates us.

Wildly colorful, her designs literally jump off the card front with a sophisticated joie de vivre The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques
Pinups as greeting cards.

Drawing for Days

My early childhood playtime was filled with Barbies, Miss Piggy, & Shera (even Rainbow Bright). These sexy and sassy women became role models for a new generation of women. My drawings from an early age reflected curvy women in dresses doing great things. Receiving encouragement and praise for my drawings as a young child helped me develop early as an artist. Drawng on everything and early interest from my peers provided me opportunities to show my work. My childhood connection to greeting cards became the canvas to start my visual story telling.

Pinups are a perfect marriage with greeting cards, central figures, excellent stories, and a wow factor. It was a perfect start as an illustrative story teller.

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